ProZone, Vanilla Bean 22.5 oz.
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NutriBiotic® BlenderBottle® SportMixer®, White 20 oz.

As a meal replacement or snack, just mix ProZone in 8 oz. of water or low fat milk, for a thick, rich tasting energy drink.

ProZone Nutritionally Balanced Drink Mix Frequently Asked Questions

What is whey protein and why was it chosen as an ingredient? - Whey protein is the water part of milk after separation of the principle protein of cows' milk known as casein. It was chosen as an ingredient because it is a well balanced protein compared to many other sources such as cereal and legume proteins.

How does whey protein compare to other protein sources such as soybeans? - Cereal grains tend to be deficient in one or more of the essential amino acids and are not as well balanced as milk proteins. Soy proteins, and other plant proteins, tend to be less available to the body than animal proteins since much of their protein is tied up in indigestible complexes. However, digestibility of plant proteins can be increased by processes such as heat treatment, they are still not as available as animal proteins.

What if I am lactose intolerant; will this milk protein affect me? - Lactose is a milk sugar and is removed during the separating out of the whey protein. Lactose intolerant people should not experience any symptoms, however, some people may experience problems with milk proteins since the proteins in cows' milk have some structural differences when compared to humans' milk. Our current formulation could contain as much as 2% lactose (also dry weight basis), which is extremely low.

Isn't whey full of cholesterol? - No, cholesterol is associated with the fat fraction of milk and should not be present in the whey protein concentrate.

Why is there so much fat? - Fat is one of the three macronutrients, along with protein and carbohydrates, necessary for health and energy. The Zone Diet recommends 30% of your daily caloric intake to come from "healthy" fat, including fish oils, unsaturated oils (especially olive oil), and other vegetable oils. ProZone Nutritionally Balanced Drink Mixes use only medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are often called the "fatless fat" because they can be used as an instant energy source by the body. Other fats, because of their molecular structure, are not easily accessed by the body and are more likely to be stored as body fat. MCTs also do not raise blood cholesterol and don't oxidize like polyunsaturated fats.


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