Electro-C, Cherry 8 oz.
Product No: 0550
Our Price: $14.49
Electro-C, Cherry 16 oz.
Product No: 0551
Our Price: $24.49
Electro-C, Cherry 2.2 lb.
Product No: 0552
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Electro-C, Lemon 8 oz.
Product No: 0555
Our Price: $14.49
Electro-C, Lemon 16 oz.
Product No: 0556
Our Price: $24.49
Electro-C, Lemon 2.2 lb.
Product No: 0557
Our Price: $50.49

Electro-C Powder Information

NutriBiotic Electro-C is a buffered, effervescent, vitamin C and electrolyte powder delivering vitamin C and highly bioavailable electrolyte minerals (calcium, magnesium, chloride, potassium, sodium, and zinc)† in a readily soluble form. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that cannot be produced by the body. Electrolyte minerals are utilized (through use) and lost (through sweating). Therefore, vitamin C and electrolytes must be replenished.

Electro-C is a fresh and tart, sparkling, non-caloric, vitamin C, and electrolyte drink providing 950 mg of vitamin C and an array of electrolytes per serving. Electro-C is naturally flavored and slightly sweetened.

*All the minerals are mined from the earth.


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