25% Off Select Body Care!

25% Off Select Body Care

Enjoy some of our great body care products formulated with grapefruit seed extract!

Hand & Body Lotion, Citrus contains grapefruit seed extract and gentle moisturizers from coconut, aloe, shea butter, sunflower oil, and sweet almond oil, along with vitamins E, A, and C. Helps maintain your skin's moisture mantle and pH balance. Scented only with essential oils. Vegan. Ideal for all skin types!

Deodorant with witch hazel, aloe vera, and grapefruit seed extract to provide natural, long lasting protection against odor with just a few strokes. Aluminum free. Vegan. Available in Unscented, Lavender, and Mango Melon.

Skin & Wound Spray is a topical spray designed to support healthy tissue. Contains grapefruit seed extract, alcohol, and essential oils of tea tree and lemon. Vegan.

Skin Ointment is for most minor skin irritations and is designed to help support healthy skin. Contains lysine, goldenseal, grapefruit seed extract, beeswax, echinacea, olive and tea tree oils, vitamins A, C & E, and more! Vegetarian.

Paraben Free Formulas
Made without Gluten

Now through April 30, 2014

50% Off Select ProZone!

Inventory Blowout!

Vanilla Bean Prozone (#131) - 50% Off!

Enjoy 100% balanced nutrition with delicious and creamy ProZone Nutritionally Balanced Drink Mixes, based on a 30-30-40 caloric system of eating!

ProZone Drink Mixes are more than protein supplements or meal replacements. By having a ProZone Drink, you may be assured you are receiving a balanced ratio of essential macronutrients for optimum energy and performance. Each serving contains 30% calories from protein (whey concentrate/rice protein from whole grain brown rice in the vegan formula, 30% calories from fat (MCTs - medium chain triglycerides), and 40% calories from carbohydrate (pure crystalline fructose).

Simply add fruit to a ProZone Drink for a tasty smoothie!

Highly Blendable and Great for Smoothies • Made without Gluten

For optimal results, use ProZone with a complete micro nutrient supplement (i.e. vitamin/mineral). We highly recommend NutriBiotic Hypoallergenic Multiple for its easy to assimilate formula.

"A recent study conducted at Washington State University shows that whey protein helps lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure in young, pre-hypertension individuals. Often associated with physical fitness and muscle growth, whey protein appears to have additional applications for its effective abatement of hypertension in its early stages." — Whole Foods Magazine Online

While Current Lot Lasts

Hand & Body Lotion, Citrus 8 oz.
Product No: 1085
Our Price: $7.49
Deodorant, Unscented 2.6 oz.
Product No: 1065
Our Price: $4.87
Deodorant, Lavender 2.6 oz.
Product No: 1066
Our Price: $4.87
Deodorant, Mango Melon 2.6 oz.
Product No: 1067
Our Price: $4.87
Skin & Wound Spray with GSE 4 oz.
Product No: 1005
Our Price: $5.99
Skin Ointment .5 oz.
Product No: 1045
Our Price: $6.74
ProZone, Vanilla Bean 22.5 oz.
Product No: 0131
Our Price: $11.50


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